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Committed to Sustainability

Smart Eco Packaging

We designed our 100% PCW recycled boxes to be repurposed. Every kit comes with two bonus projects! Decorate the outer box to turn it into a mailbox, birdhouse,  treasure box or anything else you can imagine. The inner tray is perfect for framing finished artwork, complete with a hook to hang it up!

What sustainability means to us

We founded Artterro with important core beliefs. We are committed to using as few resources as possible, taking into account the social environmental impact we have on the planet and our community, and respecting and enjoying the company of the people we work with. We will always strive to offer worthwhile, affordable products that encourage family and friends to connect with each other and the very human need to create beauty in our lives.

Putting it into Practice

We print our packaging inserts, bands and marketing materials on recycled paper (most of it 100% post-consumer waste) at Green Solutions Printing in Eugene, OR, using vegetable-based inks and renewable energy.

Green Bay Packaging manufactures our recycled, reusable boxes here in WI. This award-winning packaging company is known for their innovative environmental practices.

We hire local high school students to assist with shipping and assembly and learn about sustainable business through a teen mentoring program.

We feature high-quality, natural materials, not just because they're beautiful and fun to work with, but also because if you sell disposable materials, they will just end up in the trash.  We want people to value the materials they are working with so they end up with a treasured keepsake.

We source many of our materials from small businesses here in the US to reduce our carbon footprint and shipping expenses, and to support our US economy.

As our company grows, we are committed to providing a flexible work environment and a living wage, and seeking out diverse coworkers, including women, minorities and people with disabilities.  

We regularly donate kits to schools, art programs and charities, particularly those in our local community. We strive to promote art and creativity by sponsoring free art activities at local events.