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Project Ideas

Jewelry Holder
DIY Eco Jewelry Holder Tutorial

Here's just one example of how to transform the inner tray that comes in the Artterro box into a beautiful and functional jewelry holder.

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Bug Project
Exploring Art & Science: Bug Habitat

Here's an idea to stoke your child's interest in nature and art at the same time.

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Fun with Paper: Card-Making!

If you want to wish loved ones a Happy New Year or help your kids write some thank-you notes, consider making the cards by hand.  It's so fun and easy! 

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Decoupage Vase
DIY Decoupage Project: Illuminated Vase

How to decoupage a gorgeous vase using leftover tissue paper from the Collage Jewelry and Collage Decoration Kits.

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Eco Cat Toys
Make DIY Eco Cat Toys

You can use leftover materials from our kits, plus items from around the house, to make your very own eco cat toys!

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Decoupage Pots
DIY Decoupage Project: Flower Pots

How to transform a plain clay pot into a work of art, using leftover tissue paper from the Collage Jewelry or Collage Decoration Kits.

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Autumn Crafts
Autumn at Artterro: Colorful Crafting

Happy Fall!  Here at Artterro, we are always happy to get cozy inside with a fall craft or two. 

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The Spark blog is your resource for family craft projects, art inspiration, and mindful living.   It’s a place for you to explore your creativity with the artists, entrepreneurs and moms of Artterro as your guides.  Check out the links above to quickly get started with some DIY art projects today, and visit the main blog page for even more ideas.

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Don’t just take our word for it that you’ll love our products, check out some of these great reviews.  We love working with bloggers, especially mommy bloggers, eco bloggers, homeschool bloggers and other educational product reviewers.   It’s so fun to read their feedback and see what they are inspired to create with our kits!

Fun with Bubbles
September, 2014

“Zoey loved the bubbles! We now have handmade bubble wands that we can use for future fun with bubbles!”

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Wool Felt Bug Love
July, 2014

"I was surprised at how quiet the room got, and how long it stayed that way as they created bugs and added beads, sequins, and ribbon wings. They loved it!"

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Bookmaking Ideas
April, 2014

“We’re loving Artterro because it gives us step-by-step lovely eco-art ideas (like bookmaking) that lead to meaningful time creating and being creative.”

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Bookmaking Tweens
April, 2014

“My super creative, crafty mama friends at Artterro have improved their beautiful eco art kits -- what a perfect way to celebrate Earth Day! The art kits are very family friendly and make wonderful gifts for kids, especially (in my opinion) impossible-to-shop-for Tweens!”

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Artful Canvas Books
December, 2013

“The materials in the eco art kits are luscious & beautiful...we always seem to have leftover materials to add to our own art supply stash after we're finished...“

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Bugs & Bubbles
March, 2013

“These kits spark your imagination and the creators do a good job of writing instructions that open your mind to possibilities.”

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Easy Wool Felt Jewelry
November, 2013

“Emma has enjoyed using the kit to explore the world of handmade jewelry…She loves this necklace, and has plans to make more for gifts...I see more of these in our future!”

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Bookmaking Gifts
December, 2013

“The craft kits from Artterro are not only all-inclusive, but contain high-quality materials that are sure to inspire.  The end result is something that you and your children can cherish for years to come!”

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Homeschoolers Love Bookmaking!
May, 2012

“These kits would make perfect birthday gifts for friends or family members...compact and lightweight enough... for a bit of an art experience away from home.”

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