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Gorgeous natural materials

Make our DIY art kits truly unique

We pride ourselves on the quality and beauty of every material we choose for our kits, because we believe kids deserve great art supplies. When we design a new project, it all starts with sourcing inspiring, colorful, fun materials equally appropriate for kids and seasoned artists. Perfect for creating something one-of-a-kind!

Awesome Supplies & Suppliers

We are committed to partnering with great suppliers we believe in. Check out the links below for more information:

Exquisite Handmade Paper

Gorgeous 100% post-consumer waste handmade paper features exquisite colors, texture and patterns, a work of art in itself.  Check out this blog post we wrote about the amazing, pollution-free paper-making process.  You’ll see this paper in our Bookmaking, Art Journal, Creativity and Art Dolls Kits, and you can order it a la carte on the Extra Materials page.

Real Copper Wire

We chose our US-made copper wire for its strength and versatility.  Easy to bend, yet sturdy enough to hold its shape, our wire comes in a rainbow of colors and several different gauges, and it’s shipped to us from just a few states over.  The artwork you make with this wire turns into a keepsake to treasure forever.  Found in the Wire & Bead Art Kit, Creativity Kit, and the Deluxe Bubble Wands Kit.

Handmade 100% Wool Felt

Made by hand by artisans in Nepal, our real wool felt pieces are a dream to work with.   We pack our kits with an array of vibrant colors that inspire bold creations.  It’s particularly well suited to beginning sewers, since you can actually take out your stitches and redo them if you want.  Unlike acrylic felt, it will not tear or fall apart, no matter how much you work with it.  Found in the Wool Felt Bug, Wool Felt Jewelry, Creativity, Art Dolls  and Needle Felting Kits, and on the Extra Materials page.

Made in the U.S.A.

We strive to source as much as possible from the US.  This includes our copper wire, all of our packaging, our soy-based felting pads, our bio-degradable plastic bead bags, high-quality felting needles, marbles, art journals and wand sticks.  We’re always on the lookout for more quality, US-based suppliers to partner with, because we believe in growing the US economy and conserving fossil fuels.  

Fancy & Unique Decoupage Paper & Real wood elements

The fun and mod patterned decoupage tissue papers we source from Decopatch in France bring this art form into the 21st century!  Along with our sturdy wooden bangles, beads and pendants, the paper really makes our Collage Jewelry Kit stand out from the crowd.  Available a la carte here.

Beautiful Cotton Fabric and Canvas

Sturdy, cotton Ready-to-Go! canvas books from C&T Publishing are the perfect surface for our Canvas Book Kit.  They can be transformed into everything from padded baby books to jewelry wraps, and they are super sturdy yet soft, able to hold acrylic paint as well as stitches.   The batik fabric that comes in the kit is from the Artisan line of fabrics at Lunn Studios.  The 100% cotton swatches come in an array of gorgeous patterns and colors to complement your projects.  Also available in our Fabric & Ribbon Set.

Beautiful Beads and no plastic to be found!

Our signature mix of glass, wood and shell beads, found in several of our kits, is unlike any you’ll find in the stores.  We chose every color and size so that they adorn your mixed-media projects with subtle flair.   We’re also very proud of the bag the mix comes in—it’s made of corn and is 100% biodegradable, making Artterro’s packaging totally plastic-free!  

Artist-quality Acrylic Paint and Glaze

We chose artist-quality Solucryl acrylic paint because it allows for bold colors and fantastic color mixing, unlike a lot of the poor-quality paint that is sold to kids.  Our glaze is nice and thick, perfect for decoupage or to add a shiny finish to any paper project.  Both are made in Canada.  Brushes are also key for successful painting projects, so we only include brushes we would use ourselves, with sturdy wooden handles and nice soft bristles and foam.  We think you’ll be able to tell a big difference when you pick up a Collage Jewelry or Canvas Book Kit!