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Art Journaling Essentials: Supplies Make a Difference!
May 1, 2015 | Comments

If you're just getting started with art journaling, or helping your kids get started, choosing supplies can be overwhelming.  Here's a simple list of recommended materials to help you begin, stress-free!

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Art Journaling Basics for Kids
April 13, 2015 | Comments

Here are some helpful tips and links to help you inspire your kids to try art journaling!

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Art Journal Ideas: Paper Puzzle Collage
March 25, 2015 | Comments

Try this art journaling technique--instead of collaging with overlapping pieces of paper, fit them together like puzzle pieces.  

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Art Journal Ideas: Inspired by Music
March 19, 2015 | Comments

Our friend Heidi is back with more art journaling ideas and prompts!  We love getting a peek inside her Art Journal Kit--it never fails to inspire.  Enjoy her new, music-themed pages, and make your own!

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2014 Holiday Gift Guide Round-up
December 19, 2014 | Comments

Artterro's favorite gift guides, featuring Creative With Kids, Imagination Soup,, Green Child Magazine and more.

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Creative Kids Holiday Giveaway
December 5, 2014 | Comments

Welcome to the Creative Kids Holiday Giveaway, sponsored by Artterro, BeginAgain and Glob Colors!  With a prize package of 10 items and a total value of over $200, the winner will receiving an incredible assortment of eco-friendly, educational and creative gifts for all the kids on their list, from preschoolers to tweens.  

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3 Easy Ways to Encourage Creativity Everyday
September 29, 2014 | Comments

Our mission here at Artterro is to help people tap into their natural creativity.  We believe every child is born creative, and it's never too late to rediscover your innate artistic ability.  Take these 3 easy ways to encourage creativity everyday...

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Art Journal Ideas: Remembering or Planning a Family Vacation
September 9, 2014 | Comments

One of our favorite ways to be creative here at Artterro is art journaling.  Our friend Heidi, a talented artist and mom to a homeschooling family, just shared a pre-vacation journal page with us, and hopefully it will inspire you or your family to set down a page or two of free-form thoughts, images and colors.

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Art Journal Ideas: Illustrate an Inspiring Thought
September 6, 2014 | Comments

Today's art journal idea is a simple one.  When you have a happy thought, write it down, and then create an illustration to match.

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New Paper Patterns!
June 13, 2014 | Comments

It is always a thrill to get a big pallet full of new paper from our friends at Shizen Designs.  The luscious texture and quality is the same every time, but the patterns are exciting and new.

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