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The Best Gifts for Creative Kids
December 3, 2014 | Comments

Well now that it's December 1st, it really is feeling like the holidays are right around the corner!  We hope you'll be wrapping up some Artterro kits (in DIY eco wrapping paper) of course, but we also wanted to give you some suggestions for other products that encourage creativity in kids.  

BeginAgain Toys: Cat Family Puzzle and Dog Family Puzzle

Perfect for the very young budding artist, this pair of puzzles encourages free, imaginative play and art exploration with its simple, but beautiful shapes and colors.  We love that you can put it together as a puzzle, play with the pieces as characters, and trace their shapes on paper to start a fantastic art project.

Glob: Natural Paint Set

Raddish: Cooking Club for Kids

We believe cooking is one of the greatest activities a kid can learn to do, right along with art!  Cooking is great for problem solving, creative thinking and fine motor skills, not to mention health and well-being!  A Raddish subscription is a really fun way to get kids excited about healthy, homemade food.  The founder of the company is passionate about encouraging families to have fun in the kitchen and at the dining room table, and we think that is a wonderful mission to support.

Artterro: Creative Gift Sets

Lastly, just in case you missed our recent announcements, we want to make sure you know that Artterro has put together some really neat Creative Gift Sets to help make holiday shopping easier.  Titles like Perfect Sleepover Set and Paper Craft Set make it even more convenient to give the gift of creativity, and to get a great deal on multiple kits!

As we do every year, from all of us here at Artterro, we wish you a creative holiday season!