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Stitched Heart Valentine
February 6, 2015 | Comments

Something about stitching thread into a paper card elevates it into a handcrafted treasure.  And stitching on paper is also a great way to teach kids the basics of sewing (stiff paper can be easier to work with than floppy fabric).  This Valentine's Day at Artterro, we have a beautiful example of a hand-stitched card with mixed-media elements--what a fun mix of paper, cotton thread, beads, wool felt hearts and sequins.  

Stitched Heart Valentine

DIY Tutorial by Janna Doney


Bookmaking Kit and/or Creativity Kit (available together in the Paper Craft Gift Set!) or your own supply of paper and beads

Colored pencils, markers, crayons and/ or drawing pens (great-quality options available in Artterro's Art Tools shop)

Wool Felt Hearts

Glue or glue stick

Optional: it's always a good idea to raid your own arts and crafts supplies and see if there's anything special you want to add.

*As always, these are just guidelines to get you started--feel free to experiment!


1. Choose 2 rectangular sheets of paper for the card itself.

2. Sew the left side of the rectangles together using 1 or 2 colors of thread.  

3. Cut a small solid color piece of paper and glue to the inside of the card for your message.

4. Create a paper collage for the front of the card--this can be as simple as one big heart, or as intricate as you like!

5. Write a valentine message on the front. Try decorating some of the letters with beadst.

6. Add more decorations if you'd lke, by either sewing or gluing beads and sequins onto the paper.

7. Add a felt heart to the front of your card by gluing or sewing it.

8. Let card dry before writing in your valentine message.

Card making is so fun!  We'd love to see what you or your family created this year for Valentine's Day.  Feel free to share in the comments or on our Facebook page!