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Bright & Modern Valentine
February 5, 2015 | Comments

Valentine's Day at Artterro usually means paper scraps and sequins all over our project table, and this year is no different--except we also decided to include some of our Wool Felt Hearts in the card making process.  We think they're an easy way to add a fun and fuzzy touch to cards made by kids or adults.  

Bright & Modern Mixed-Media Valentine

DIY Tutorial by Janna Doney


Bookmaking Kit and/or Creativity Kit (available together in the Paper Craft Gift Set!) or your own supply of paper and beads

Colored pencils, markers, crayons and/ or drawing pens (great-quality options available in Artterro's Art Tools shop)

Wool Felt Hearts

Glue or glue stick

Optional: it's always a good idea to raid your own arts and crafts supplies and see if there's anything special you want to add.

*As always, these are just guidelines to get you started--feel free to experiment!


1. Sew two colorful rectangular sheets of paper together on the left-hand side.

Tip: For this particular project, we looked for super colorful, cheerful patterned paper--something a little non-traditional for Valentine's Day.  It makes for a fun contrast with the wool felt hearts!

2. Glue or sew one felt heart in the top left corner, and another felt heart on the bottom right corner.

3. Cut a solid-color piece of paper into a box or rectangle that will fit between the hearts.

4. Sew two borders onto the white piece of paper with thread that matches or coordinates with the card and/or the heart colors. Try to use different patterns for each border.

5. After sewing the borders, glue the piece of paper in between the two hearts.

6. Embellish all over with beads and sequins.

7. Write your valentine message!

Card making is so fun!  We'd love to see what you or your family created this year for Valentine's Day.  Feel free to share in the comments or on our Facebook page