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Artterro Bonus Project: Art Doll Bed
March 2, 2015 | Comments

Did you know Artterro kits come with not one, but TWO bonus projects?  The ideas sheet in the kit explains how to use the box and the inner packaging tray to make some amazing upcycled items.  

You can use the box as a container for supplies, a birdhouse, a fairy home, or a dollhouse, to start.  

The tray makes a great display frame for your art, but it also has tons of potential for all sorts of eco-friendly, functional crafts.  Here's one from our friend and craft consultant Sierra.

Bonus Project: DIY Doll Bed

DIY Tutorial by Sierra Powell


Any Artterro Kit 

1 Doll: We used a paper doll made with our Art Dolls Kit

Paint, colored pencils, markers, crayons and/ or drawing pens (great-quality options available in Artterro's Art Tools shop)

Fabric and ribbon scraps

Glue or glue dots

Optional: Sequins, wire, other's always a good idea to raid your own arts and crafts supplies and see if there's anything special you want to add.

*As always, these are just guidelines to get you started--feel free to experiment!


1. Color or decorate the inner sides of the tray with paint, markers, etc.  There are no rules, just have fun!

2. Make a mattress: wrap a fabric scrap around something soft and squishy, like an old t-shirt, crumpled up tissue paper, or fabric batting.  You can sew it together or use safety pins.

3. Make a pillow the same way--make sure it's the right size for your doll!

4. Embellish your doll's bed with sequins, ribbons, beads or whatever else you'd like to add.  

There!  You now have a cozy bed for a happy doll!  With two kits you could even make bunk beds.  Feel free to share if your family tries this at home.  And check out the board below for even more upcycled arts and crafts ideas!

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