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Art Projects for Earth Day
April 22, 2015 | Comments

Our friend Olive is back again with some gorgeous, nature-inspired projects.  Combine recycled elements like cardboard boxes and images from magazines, with our beautiful art materials, and you'll end up with something unique and expressive!

We love how Olive created a web of nature, linked with beautiful cotton stitches, with materials from our Creativity Kit.

Instructions from Olive:

Creativity Mixed-Media Earth Day Project

  1. Gather materials: recycled paper or cardboard, old magazines or books, natural items like leaves, fabric scraps or yarn. Tools: scissors, glue/tape/hot glue. 
  2. Plan your project, letting the materials that you have gathered inspire you. Or let your imagination run wild, make it up as you go along. Sometimes I find it helpful to come up with a theme for my project and then use that as inspiration for a freestyle project. Some theme ideas for this earth day project: the jungle, the ocean, your backyard, your favorite flower. Look around you to find the beauty in the surrounding natural world.
  3. Optional; embellish your art with beads or sequins to add some sparkle, or with lush leaves for a natural element.

Bonus Project!  

Did you know Artterro's packing can be turned into art?  Paint the inner tray to create a gorgeous frame or a "canvas" for your work.

Here we have batik fabric and ribbon vines, embellished with sequins, on a brilliant gold frame.  The natural world is so inspiring!