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Art Journaling Essentials: Supplies Make a Difference!
May 1, 2015 | Comments

If you're just getting started with art journaling, or helping your kids get started, choosing supplies can be overwhelming.  Here's a simple list of recommended materials to help you begin, stress-free!

Art Journal Essentials

Blank Journal: We're very proud of our Artterro Art Journal Kit (and the reviews it gets from expert art bloggers!), because it has artist-quality Strathmore paper, a pocket for scraps and ephemera, and a sturdy cover you can personalize, plus several pages of tips and inspiration.  Whatever notebook you choose, be sure it is sturdy enough to stand up to whatever media you intend to use.  

Pens: A quality drawing pen is a must for making bold outlines and patterns.  We offer the Micron 05 pen in our shop, for smooth, bright lines.

Pencils: Drawing pencils come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, for sketching, doodling or writing.  

Colored pencils or crayons: Crayons are great for younger art journalers and anyone who wants to add some chunky texture to their pages.  We like these bright eco-friendly crayons from Prang.  Colored pencils can create more delicate illustrations, and these Lyra pencils are fun to look at and use.

Glue or Glue Stick: There are a lot of options for adhesives, but basic glue and glue sticks are fine, especially when you're starting out.  

Fun Stuff!  aka Ephemera: This can be anything from fabric and paper scraps to stickers and washi tape.  Look around the house, there may be materials you'd never think to use in an art journal, like old maps, broken jewelry, and things you might normally put in the recycling bin!

Our friend and art journaler Heidi used Artterro art supplies for her recent journaling tutorials.  Here's what she had to say:

I love all the supplies--very good quality and easy to work with. The Prang markers blended very nicely without smudging, the Lyra colored pencils were vibrant in color and versatility, and I can't get enough of that Micron 05 pen. Lots of lines and dots and outlining. Good control and consistency!

Here's a more comprehensive list, if you're ready to move beyond the basics: 

The {in}Complete List of Art Journal Supplies by Art Journalist

Remember, quality materials should help your creativity flow, and beautiful materials should feed your passion.

Have fun, explore, and see what works for you!