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Art Journaling Basics for Kids
April 13, 2015 | Comments

We've been posting a few art journaling prompts on the blog lately, like this music-themed idea.  We hope you've enjoyed them!  But if you're just getting started, it might be helpful to get some tips specific to beginners.  

Our Art Journal Kit contains several pages of prompts and tips to help anyone get started with art journaling.  But you can also find detailed advice online.  Here are a few posts from some of our favorite journaling experts.  Some of these are we were proud to sponsor, and they are all great resources.  

We hope you have fun jumping into art journaling as a family!

Getting started 

Click the image above for a simple "getting started" tutorial, by Melissa Taylor of the Imagination Soup blog.  

Melissa also contributed a wonderfully detailed guest post on the Artful Parent blog (above), with thorough instructions and advice to guarantee a smooth start.  

Prompts for kids 

Over at Creative With Kids, Alissa has written some very unique, inspired journaling prompts for families and kids.  Give some of these a try!

Here's our prompt for Paper Puzzle Collage, a very fun technique for kids to test out!

When we debuted the Art Journal Kit a few years ago, we blogged about what inspired it, and how we developed the idea with Strathmore Artist Papers.  Click below for a behind-the-scenes peek!

Whatever inspired you to try art journaling with kids, we hope these resources will be helpful on your creative journey!