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Art Journal Ideas: Paper Puzzle Collage
March 25, 2015 | Comments

We've posted about creating paper collage in many different forms--decoupage pots, cardmaking and more, but this is a new one!  Our friend Heidi, art journaler extraordinaire, created this beautiful paper collage in the pages of her art journal, but there's something different--the pieces of paper don't overlap, they're fitted together like puzzle pieces.  

How unique!  And what a fun challenge for your next page.  So, the next time you reach for your paper supply, try this for a change.


Use a mix of at least two paper patterns/colors.  

To ensure your pieces fit together, trace the cut piece on top of the next piece of paper you want to cut.  But if they don't fit perfectly, it's okay!  It looks pretty interesting that way too, especially if you have painted the blank paper underneath.

Combine it with drawing, doodling, painting, or whatever else you're inspired to create!