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Art Journal Ideas: Inspired by Music
March 19, 2015 | Comments

Our friend Heidi is back with more art journaling ideas and prompts!  We love getting a peek inside her Art Journal Kit--it never fails to inspire.

These two pages playfully imagine guitars as trees, sending music into the air like oxygen.  

What could be more natural than a love of music?  

Three musical prompts for your next art journal page:

  1. What does music look like in your imagination?
  2. Reimagine your favorite musical instrument as a living, growing part of the natural world.
  3. What does music inspire you to do and feel?  Try some free association writing (whatever words come to mind, write them down without thinking about it), and then start doodling and see where it takes you.

A note on the art supplies Heidi used, in her own words:

I love all the supplies--very good quality and easy to work with. The Prang markers blended very nicely without smudging, the Lyra colored pencils were vibrant in color and versatility, and I can't get enough of that Micron 05 pen. Lots of lines and dots and outlining. Good control and consistency!