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More Easy Eco Valentine Projects
February 13, 2013 | Comments

On Monday, we shared how to make a beautiful heart garland and ornaments, and today we have two more eco-friendly Valentine projects that are easy, satisfying, and beautiful.

In the example above, we used a combination of stickers and magazine paper to create collages.  To recreate this, just tear out pieces of magazine paper with interesting colors and patterns, and glue them, overlapping each other, onto a plain piece of printer paper (this helps reinforce the flimsy magazine paper).  After the glue dries, trace out your shapes and cut them out.

Easy and utterly unique!

You can layer it on top of a larger heart made of your leftover Artterro paper, or keep them as they are.  You can also glue foil-wrapped candies right onto the cards.  You'll end up with Valentines that really stand out!

Another fun and easy idea if you're looking for something different is to create a Valentine bouquet.  Once again, we used our own handmade, recycled paper, so if you have any leftover from one of our kits, it works beautifully because it's so sturdy.  Otherwise, you can use whatever paper you on hand, or some of the collage hearts described above.

You'll also need stems.  We used wooden wands from our Bubble Wands Kit, but you could also use Popsicle sticks, straws, actual sticks from your yard, or any number of objects from around your house.  Just glue together two of your hearts, leaving room at the bottom to poke in your stem.

Leave just a little room for the stem

Find a cute container or wrap the stems with a ribbon so it's easy to present to your sweetheart.  You can personalize all the hearts with special messages if you want!  Get creative and add leaves, bumblebees or butterflies to your bouquet!

We hope you enjoy these ideas, which are especially perfect if Valentine's Day snuck up on you like it did to me :)

Happy Valentine's Day from everyone at Artterro!