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Fun with Paper: Card-Making!
December 28, 2012 | Comments
Filed under: Family Craft Projects

If you want to wish loved ones a Happy New Year or help your kids write some thank-you notes, consider making the cards by hand.  It's so fun and easy!  All you really need is paper, scissors and glue.  The trick is to start with good quality paper.  If you have one of our Bookmaking, Art Dolls or Creativity Kits at home, you can use some of our beautiful, handmade, recycled paper.  You just need something sturdy for the main piece, and then you can embellish with whatever strikes your fancy.  Look around your house; you may have some interesting and unexpected scraps from magazines, old greeting cards, wrapping paper, even wallpaper.So many possibilities with beautiful paper... We made these cards with Artterro paper today to show you just how easy it can be.  No complicated designs or intricate techniques needed (check out this Martha Stewart post for those!), just a few fun patterns and shapes and your own heartfelt message. Don't be afraid to use contrasting designs. The Artful Parent blogger recently made some cards with her daughter using our Bookmaking Kit.  See what they came up with-- Beautiful cards made with our Bookmaking Kit We hope you give card-making a try!  It feels so special to get a handmade card in the mail.  Have fun!