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Beautiful Materials Inspire Creativity
October 18, 2013 | Comments
Filed under: Sustainable Business

We've been getting some exciting deliveries here at Artterro lately! It's always fun to see a big box of our amazing materials before they go into kits.  It reminds us an important part of our mission is to get artist-quality materials into the hands of kids.  Because if you really want them to develop creativity, artistic motivation and confidence, they need to work with supplies that inspire!  Like our gorgeous natural shell coin beads:

shell beads

That goes for adult artists too!  You don't have to be extravagant but you do need to feel inspired to use the materials you buy so they don't languish on the shelf.  We love to recommend artists and crafters mix it up with high-quality supplies and random recycled items.  For instance, paring our luscious, handmade (and 100% recycled) decorative papers with magazine clippings, newspaper, photos or even pieces of packaging can add up to an interesting mix of textures and patterns.

Handmade paper

There's still time to stock up on the handmade paper in our Bookmaking Kit--FREE with any $50 purchase at!  Just use coupon code FREEBOOK.  And, it's never too early to start thinking about gifts for the holidays, or activities for the chilly, snowbound days to come.

What materials inspire you to create?