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5 Ideas for a Simple & Sweet Valentine’s Day
February 9, 2015 | Comments

Valentine's Day can be a lovely celebration of love, or an overly-commercial business enterprise, depending on who you ask.  We like to see it as a great chance to get creative and to do our part to reverse it's not-so-sustainable image.  The best way to start?  Keep it simple!  No need to go all out.  Just have fun with family and make some memories.  

1. Go for open-ended card-making projects

We have several posts of cardmaking prompts, proejcts and inspiration on our blog, because we know tutorials can be very helpful and fun, but there's nothing wrong with setting a few materials in front of your kids and letting them figure out how they want to make cards for their friends.  In fact, it's pretty much guaranteed to be an educational, creativity-expanding experience for your child!  

We'd recommend providing paper, glue, colored pencils, and scissors, plus a few embellishements like stickers, doilies, sequins and ribbons.  Our Paper Collage Valentines are a great example--kids can cut out their own hearts (the fold and cut method works great for this), and then cut and glue paper scraps in whatever design they want.

Check out the link below for another great post on setting up open-ended valentine art parties, from Studio Sprout in Santa Cruz, CA:

2. Choose homemade treats

Just one or two will make the day feel special!  Try making some sugar cookies or graham crackers, or even cherry hand pies if you're really feeling ambitious!

3. Balance sweet treats with creative & healthy options

Trying to avoid chocolate and sugar overload this year?  There are so many yummy recipes you can make for (or with!) your kids, like Valentine Fruit Wands or Grape/Carrot/Tomato Hearts.  There's nothing easier than forming all sorts of foods into heart shapes with a cookie cutter!

4. Spread out the valentine fun by making your own decorations 

Holidays are the perfect opportunity to encourage arts and crafts, and kids feel so proud when they get to display their creations around the house.  Click on these easy DIY tutorials to make Valentine Garlands and Ornaments (proof that DIY doesn't have to be complicated!):

5. Create your own traditions

What feels right for your family?  There's so much inspiration online, but only you know what will make simple, sweet memories for your family. 


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