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Winter-Inspired Crafts for Four- to Seven-Year-Olds
January 21, 2015 | Comments

We are big fans of finding inspiration in the naturally-occurring art all around us, especially when it comes to getting kids excited to create.  A nature walk can be just the ticket, leading to hours of leaf-printing, watercolor landscapes, finger-painted animals and anything else the imagination dreams up.  But what to do in winter?  Today we'll talk about projects that are just right for younger artists (age 4-7), and next time we'll offer some ideas for older kids (8-12).  Enjoy your winter creations!

Photo by cotaro70sCC BY

Well, if it's warm enough to safely be outside, we still say nature walks are a great way to get the creative juices flowing!  Get the kids super bundled up and pretend you're arctic explorers!  It's helpful to keep walks short this time of year, so driving to a park, bike path or greenspace might be a good idea.

Winter Crafts for 4-7-Year-Olds

For a primer on crafting with younger children, check out our blog post with helpful tips and strategies: 

There are some great winter art ideas online, like this easy ice sculpture project from the Artful Parent:


Speaking of ice, you can even "paint" with the icicles that may be hanging on the side of your house right now!  Mama Smiles tried this out with her preschooler--this project is great for that age group.

And don't forget about the snow!  There are so many ways to be creative in the snow, from forts, to snowmen to snow's a fun round-up from Hands On As We Grow:

One fun drawing project for preschoolers and kindergarteners is to draw snow!  You might get lots of dots on a white sheet of paper, or a portrait of a snowman--leave it as open-ended as possible and see what they come up with!

We hope you have a very creative winter with some of these project ideas!  Feel free to share your experience trying them out in the comments.