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About Us

Who we are and why we created Artterro

We are Forrest Espinoza and Jennifer Conn, two artists and mothers from Madison, WI. 

Years ago, we searched high and low for eco-friendly, creative art projects with beautiful materials, but they were nowhere to be found.  We started Artterro because we believe everyone is born creative. Sometimes the pace of our modern lives keeps us from making time for art; that's where Artterro comes in! Our goal is to make it fun, easy and affordable for people to explore creativity with family and friends.   

What is an Artterro Kit?

An Artterro Eco Art Kit is a collection of beautiful, natural materials and creative project ideas; each one offers a fun, engaging art experience that delights kids and grown-ups alike!  Because we assemble them by hand with unique assortments of supplies, no two are alike.

So why are they called Eco Art Kits? Let's break it down:

ECO: Our materials include recycled, handmade paper, US-made copper wire and glass marbles, natural wool felt and cotton fabrics. Kits are assembled by hand in Madison, WI, and packaged in 100% recycled boxes that double as a frame for your finished artwork.

ART: Our projects are open-ended, meaning we don't tell you exactly what or how to create (that's what your imagination is for!). We offer up tips, inspiration, and lots of ideas, but YOU are the designer.

KIT: We've designed our kits with your time and convenience in mind. Everything you need for a fun afternoon is at your fingertips, without a frustrating trip to the big box craft store with kids in tow. 

The Artterro Experience

When you sit down with an Artterro eco art kit for the first time, you'll be amazed at the beautiful possibilities. Gorgeous colors, intriguing textures and fun shapes add up to a one-of-a-kind, authentic art experience.

Children easily immerse themselves in the process, often unattached to the final product, and their enthusiasm is contagious! Grown-ups soon follow their lead, letting their imaginations run wild and seeing where the materials take them. We often hear from adults surprised at how fun and relaxing an experience it is!

Bringing these projects into our own lives has deepened our connection to our families and friends, and we love sharing that experience with your family, too.

See what some of our blogging fans have to say about their Artterro experience:

"We're big fans of craft kits, especially during the long, hot days of summer when the kids might need a little help figuring out what to do to pass the time. These kits are definitely among the best we've seen because of the natural materials and rich colors." 
-Katie Steuernagle,

"Hands down the Paint With Wool Portrait Kit was the house favorite. Every single person in the house - three kids and two adults tried it out and LOVED it. None of us had ever done wool needle felting, and this kit was a super fun introduction to it." 
-Jennifer Chait,

"The Wisconsin-based, socially conscious Artterro makes such beautiful, imaginative art kits. Instead of cheapy plastic, these kits are full of lovely materials like soft wool felt balls, bits of beautiful ribbon and glittery beads." 
-Christina Refford,

Meet Forrest & Jen

Forrest Espinoza is the founder and CEO of Artterro. She loves thinking of new business ideas, connecting with our customers, and the creative side of business.  She’s also an unschooling mom, avid gardener, biker, hiker and artist.

Jennifer Conn is the Creative Director and COO of Artterro.  She loves keeping the Artterro brand fresh, planning out the details of future projects, and sourcing beautiful materials for our kits. You’ll often find her with her family enjoying a nature walk or art project, or sweating in a hot yoga class.

Together, Forrest and Jen are proud to run a business that stays true to their values, provides jobs in their community and inspires future women entrepreneurs.